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December 24, 2004

Potato potato potato

Boise State Capitol

And what a lovely weasel it is!!

Vandra Weasel (abruptly christened Van Dweasel by Mr. BlueHorse) arrived in a torn box late one dark and windy afternoon, and was placed by the garage door, and unfortunately left out overnight to fend for herself against the cold and coyotes. She prevailed, and was discovered next morning, in fine fettle and ready to tackle the wilds of Idaho. We immediately packed her off with us Christmas shopping in urban Boise and took her first picture in front of the State Capitol with Famous Potatoes. More pics will follow after the crazyness that is the BlueHorse family Christmas.

Boise State Capitol

One of the reasons we were sidetracked in recording her photographic doings was due to the hospitalization of Madam BlueHorse for a lumbar laminectomy — something I wish I'd done last Spring, as I feel so much better — ready to dance with the weasels again! Van kept me company in St. Al's Hospital and entertained the nursing staff no end. Discussion was held with the neurosurgeon, Dr. Reedy, concerning the insertion of a wire backbone to enable Van to pose more easily, and he feels the prognosis would be 100%, should the WeaselKeepers approve the proceedure [ed: which we have!]. Stay tuned for more pics to be posted to weaseltrek.com.

— Andrea in Idaho

Posted by dmd at December 24, 2004 3:00 PM