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February 15, 2005

A Weasel in the Sun

Kevin of Beans Around The World - a Weasel Trek sister site if there ever was one - took Freja to sunny Florida... and then on a Caribbean cruise! Here, Freja poses with the famous beans on a beach in Florida.

At the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Overlooking a sailing ship moored outside The Pier in St. Petersburg.

No, you're a silly looking animal!

A spectacular white sand beach on the Gulf of Mexico.

Yours truly, Kevin, of Beans Around the World.

Aboard the Carnival Cruise ship Miracle: The "I'm king of the world!" pose from the bow of the ship. The land out front is Grand Cayman.

Life on a cruise ship...

Weasel at sunrise.

Overlooking the "funnel deck", also known as the topless deck. We risked getting caught to bring you this photo (fortunately it was about 5 minutes after sunrise - no security guards, no angry topless women.)

Following our safety instructions to a t!

Outside the rum cake store.

Cayman Turtle Farm
Georgetown, Grand Cayman

Costa Maya is pretty much a pier with shopping and drinks, built exclusively for cruise ships.

Just down the road from the Costa Maya pier about two miles is the small fishing village of Mahajual. This is where we spent most of our day on the beach. The water here is so blue - it's just like one of those Corona commercials.

Freja lives out "Baywatch" fantasies in Cozumel, Mexico. Don't get too used to it, Freja... where you're going next isn't quite so warm and sunny.

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