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April 8, 2005

Iceland's the green one!

Utforksa's first stop on her travels is Reykjavík, Iceland, where she visits Bjarni Einarsson, a friend of Weasel Keeper Daniel from way back in the day. Here she examines the Hallgrimskirkja.

A quaint church next to the Parliament.

Utforksa looks towards Akrafjall...

... and stares at the sea some more.

Utforksa considers visiting to the Sober-house.

The main drinking street is more like it, thinks the weasel.

Utforksa is glad she didn't end up in jail. Yes, that's a jail.

Utforksa ponders how similar the jail and Parliament are.

Utforksa kisses Bjarni's girlfriend.

Utforksa and Anna Magda, waiting for food... "Your name is Magda? My sister-weasel's name is Magda!". Utforksa feels right at home in a place where people are named "Magda".

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