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November 25, 2005

Travels With Leka

Leka bundled up for the cold and roadtripped across Canada...

Leka's first camping trip, in Rabbit Blanket Lake Provincial Park, Ontario. Leka hasn't yet learned that it's warmer inside the tent.

Leka tries to make friends with the Wawa goose.

Leka and the Terry Fox Monument, outside Thunder Bay, ON (Terry Fox, who had lost one of his legs to cancer, tried to run across Canada in 1980 to raise money for cancer research. The cancer spread and he had to stop in Thunder Bay and died soon afterwards, but every September in Canada there are 10K runs named after him that continue to raise money).

Leka at the entrance to the Arctic watershed near Upsala, ON. (unfortunately we didn't stay long enough for her to turn into a white arctic weasel).

Leka and one of the "Bears on Broadway" in downtown Winnipeg, MB.

Bears and Leka seem go together.

Daredevil Leka rides without a helmet.

Leka with some more unfortunate stuffed friends -- this time at Fort Garry, Winnipeg, MB. Outside this building, about 10,000 Canada geese were landing on a pond to rest on their way south. Leka had to stay inside though because they don't allow weasels in the vicinity of migrating birds.

Leka gets a bit too close.

Oddly enough, Leka's favourite animal appears to be a polar bear. That's probably because she has only seen them when they are either stuffed or made of cement.

Historic Upper Fort Garry, Winnipeg, MB

Leka poses with Trans-Canada highway sign and her first view of the Rockies (outskirts of Calgary, AB).

Leka at idyllic Lake Louise, Banff National Park, AB

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