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September 27, 2006

Wedding Bells

Wedding bells are ringing for Weasel Trek founders Daniel and Sarah this Saturday! Vandra (not pictured here, as she's off getting her nails done) will be in attendance, and will surely return with a snapshot or two.

When we return, Leende will be all ready to tell us about her trip to China!

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September 8, 2006

Backpacking Across Europe

Inspired by the European travels of Vandra, Kalle made his own trip to France, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. Here he is outside the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris...

...and the Eiffel Tower, naturellement. Kallezilla looms monstrously in this shot. Run, tourists, run!

On into Germany, a pause at the R÷der Arch in Rothenburg among the flowers.

Then forward into Austria, with a lovely day spent at the Mirabel Garten in Salzburg. The musical number "Do Re Mi" from The Sound of Music was filmed here. Kalle is a Julie Andrews fan - don't tell the other weasels!

Crossing the Alps into Switzerland at the Gro▀glockner Pass. Kalle insists he walked the entire distance. Uphill both ways. In the snow. Chased by rabid wolves and St. Bernards. But we're only buying the bit about the snow.

Finally in Italy (whew!), the travelers take some time to relax on a leisurely gondola ride in Venice. It wasn't nearly long enough, but they did get some good views of the watery city.

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Emerald Weasel

Freja has made it all the way to foggy Seattle, WA! This postcard-perfect view is from Kelly Park on Lower Queen Anne Hill. If you ever receive a postcard from Seattle, odds are fairly high that the picture was taken from this exact spot.

No visit to Seattle would be complete without a romp through Pike Place Market, where the fish is fresh, the flowers are pretty, and a na´ve weasel might never return.

Inside, Freja eyes the seafood vendors. If you ever watch any TV show that features Seattle, they'll always show a shot of these guys throwing salmon through the air to each other. It's the "thing" to do - have these guys throw a fish at you.

And now? ... Space Needle! Oh yes. The musically synchronized fountain is a bonus.

Freja takes a pause to rock out with Jimi Hendrix who, magically, is still considered the King of the Seattle Music Scene despite being long dead. Someone even left him flowers.

"Another local legend is Ivar Haglund, founder of all the Ivar's seafood restaurants in the area. (To Seattleites, Ivar is on par with Colonel Sanders in food icons.) Ivar's slogan is "Keep Clam", as good of a philosophy as I've ever heard.

At the end of the day, Freja relaxes on the waterfront of Puget Sound seeing the ferries depart and peoplewatching the tourists.

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