You're now part of the Weasel Trek family. Here's what you need to know...

What to do NOW

Open the box carefully so you can re-use it.

Immediately upon receiving a weasel, mail weasel (at) weaseltrek dot com, with "got my weasel" in the subject line. Let us know:

  • your name and location
  • which weasel you received

How do I know which weasel I got?

It's very important to keep track of which weasel is which. Your weasel should have come with a data sheet stating its name. If not, there are two colored threads sewn into the weasel's ear. Read them top to bottom (R = red, Y = yellow, B = blue, K = black) and match:

B B - Leka
B K - Utforksa
B R - Kanin
B Y - Linnea
K B - Halta

K R - Vilse
K Y - Kjell
R B - Enfald
R K - Leende
R R - Kalle
R Y - Anka
Y B - Magda
Y K - Annika
Y R - Vandra
Y Y - Freja

What should I do with my weasel?

Take it sightseeing! Take photographs of your weasel visiting local landmarks, vistas, and other interesting and/or recognizable backdrops. The key is local flavor — the weasels (and visitors) want to see what things are like where you live. If you're in a touristy place, take it to the major tourist attractions; if not, just capture the general feel of the geography and culture.

Then send us the photos, along with a few words about where they were taken, what you did with the weasel, and so on, and we'll post to the site. Let us know if you would like us to link to your web page/blog or identify you in any way; if you don't tell us so, you will remain anonymous by default.

If you're the writer type, we encourage full writeups of the experience; if not, photos alone are fine, but please caption them. If you know HTML and are comfortable making thumbnails and otherwise laying out your post to look the way you want it, please, be our guest and submit your post just the way you want it to look!

You can send us your photos pretty much any way you know how. If you already know how to upload to a particular web gallery or photo service, that's fine — tell us the URL, and we'll retrieve the photos from there and copy them to the WeaselTrek gallery. If you need assistance, email us and we'll be glad to help you out.

How do I send my weasel on its way?

When your weasel is done visiting, send it on to the next host. If the box or tube it came in is in good condition, reuse it; if not, we ask that you help the project by getting a new one. Box up the weasel, making sure its paperwork is in place, and send it to the host of your choice. If your weasel is missing its name sheet, let us know and we can send you the MS Word file for you to reprint it — or feel free to be creative and make your own.

If you don't have anyone in particular in mind you'd like to send it to, email us and we'll match you up with someone from the waiting list.

Here are some guidelines for choosing a host:

  • They should have access to a digital camera and an internet connection, and know how to use them. (It's ok if they only know how to use some specific digital photo service — as long as they can point us to where the photos ended up, that's fine.)
  • Try not to duplicate destinations — check the site first. (An exception is if you want to coordinate with another weasel-host and create a weasel-reunion somewhere.)
  • They should be capable of understanding and appreciating the concept of While it is inevitable that some weasels will be lost in the mail, confiscated by Customs agents, or devoured by hawks, I'd like to try and limit the number that are lost due to non-participating (non-forwarding) hosts. Therefore, please check with the prospective host for permission and approval before sending.

What if my weasel gets sick?

If your weasel arrives or becomes damaged, try to fix it. A little needle and thread works wonders on most weasel injuries. If that's beyond your abilities, there's always duct tape. It adds character.


Email us at weasel (at) weaseltrek dot com, with "weasel" in the subject line. (Having weasel in the subject line isn't strictly necessary, but it makes our spamcatcher look the other way.)

Have fun!

— Daniel and Sarah