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February 26, 2005

Leka Soprano

Leka washed ashore in New Jersey, excited to hear that next week he'll be journeying to exotic Egypt to clamber up the sides of the pyramids, riddle the Sphynx, and meet the native weasels which, according to our friends there, "still live in Cairo and hide under cars".

Leka contributes to dune erosion.

George Washington marched here...

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Florida Orange Weasel

Leka and the Weasel Keepers (Sarah and Daniel) went to Florida back in January. Leka visited Blowing Rocks Preserve on Jupiter Island and The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens.

Leka inspects a baby man-o-war at his own risk.

You put the weasel in the coconut and drink it all down...

King of Pride Rock


Leka searches for his home o'er the waves

Sometimes pigs get hungry for weasels...

... and sometimes weasels get hungry for pigs!

The Morikami is a gorgeous Japanese museum in Delray Beach. Weasels are not by nature calm, Zen creatures, but Leka seemed to fit in, toning down his usual rambunctious behavior.

Leka disturbs the Path.

Leka encounters Tin Robot From Outer Space.

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February 15, 2005

A Weasel in the Sun

Kevin of Beans Around The World - a Weasel Trek sister site if there ever was one - took Freja to sunny Florida... and then on a Caribbean cruise! Here, Freja poses with the famous beans on a beach in Florida.

At the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Overlooking a sailing ship moored outside The Pier in St. Petersburg.

No, you're a silly looking animal!

A spectacular white sand beach on the Gulf of Mexico.

Yours truly, Kevin, of Beans Around the World.

Aboard the Carnival Cruise ship Miracle: The "I'm king of the world!" pose from the bow of the ship. The land out front is Grand Cayman.

Life on a cruise ship...

Weasel at sunrise.

Overlooking the "funnel deck", also known as the topless deck. We risked getting caught to bring you this photo (fortunately it was about 5 minutes after sunrise - no security guards, no angry topless women.)

Following our safety instructions to a t!

Outside the rum cake store.

Cayman Turtle Farm
Georgetown, Grand Cayman

Costa Maya is pretty much a pier with shopping and drinks, built exclusively for cruise ships.

Just down the road from the Costa Maya pier about two miles is the small fishing village of Mahajual. This is where we spent most of our day on the beach. The water here is so blue - it's just like one of those Corona commercials.

Freja lives out "Baywatch" fantasies in Cozumel, Mexico. Don't get too used to it, Freja... where you're going next isn't quite so warm and sunny.

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February 4, 2005

Idaho Redux

Vandra Weasel arrived in Mountain Home, Idaho on a cold and typically windy day where the postman unceremoniously dumped her in front of the garage door.

Although her shipping container had a four inch tear in the side, she was not tempted to explore on her own. She'd taken a peek at the surrounding country from the plane and knew she was in the wild and wooly West, land of the casino Indians, drugstore cowboys, and the famous potatoes. She was impressed by the crater rings southwest of town. Mountain Home (pop. 15,000) lies in the upper right corner.

Her hosts, alias Miz and Mr. BlueHorse, were delighted at her arrival and reassured her that there was civilization in Mountain Home.

Vandra immediately found a buddy in Lucy The Wonder Dog, an Australian Kelpie, who’s always on the look out for a flock of sheep to herd. Cats and weasels are a second option.

Vandra the Red-Nosed Rein-Weasel celebrated Christmas with the BlueHorse family and poses on top of the traditional Christmas horse.

Vandra was up for a visit to the state capitol, Boise, and spent an afternoon roaming around the old train depot.

Unfortunately, Amtrak no longer runs through Boise, so there was no way she could book a seat for the East Coast.

Everybody was hungry after the tour, so we retired to the famous Flying Pie Pizzeria, where Vandra was an immediate hit, and the staff fell in love with a weasel.

Vandra checks out the menu and sneaks sips of beer while Miz BlueHorse (recovering from back surgery and not at her finest) reads the Boise Weekly.

Vandra meets the evil redheaded friend of Miz BlueHorse and conquers her.

After a great meal, the weasel poses on top the Flying Pie's soon-to-be World's Largest Ball of Aluminum Foil. The weasel likes pizza, and wouldn't mind visiting another famous local pizza place wherever she goes next.

On a wonderful warm and windless January day, everyone decided to take a road trip to Hell's Kitchen, a canyon located 30 miles south of Mountain Home in the Snake River Birds of Prey preservation area. Vandra saw golden eagles, a horned owl, and several red tailed hawks.

The Kelpies teach the weasel the fine farm dog art of riding in the back of a pickup.

After seeing badger holes and marmot dens, Vandra checks out the place for weasel habitat.

A pile of rocks and a weasel hole don't quite fit the bill for an Ikea weasel.

The old sheepherder's cabin is a bit less primitive and certainly picturesque.

But the packrat inhabitants are a stinky lot, and even with the windows open, it's pretty smelly.

Not to mention, the roof needs a bit of work.

Mr. BlueHorse takes Vandra climbing to see the view.

Vandra decides the canyon is a bit isolated and liable to be hotter than hell's kitchen in the summer time, and so is aptly named.

She does like the place on the other side of the Snake River, but isn't sure about the swim over.

After inspecting the hole in her old container, Vandra is happy to see that the new shipping tube is cozy and sturdy. Off she goes to New England for another adventure. We will miss ye, young weasel!

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