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September 16, 2005

Ecce Weasel

Vandra traveled to France and Italy with Weasel Keeper Kelli. Here she admires the gardens at Versailles.

Kelli and Vandra at the gardens of Versailles.

Vandra and Mr. Monkey on the red carpet leading up to the Cannes Film Festival building. Vandra said she could still detect the faint scent of Annika, who visited this locale several months ago.

Your eyes do not deceive you - that's Vandra outside the Leaning Tower in Pisa!

This dome is another part of the Leaning Tower complex.

Vandra poses in front of the Colosseum on a lovely sunny Roman day.

We know Vandra will come back to Rome sometime... she threw a Euro or two into the Trevi Fountain.

Vandra needed a break from all the climbing up Mt. Etna (pictured in background), so she chose to rest in this striking, vast field of volcanic ash.

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