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April 21, 2005

Naughty Weasel!

Annika reported in briefly from the Stocks in Shrivenham High Street, a village in Oxfordshire, UK; seems she's been up to no good! She was also sighted greeting a tree spirit in Stanton Park (Swindon).

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April 15, 2005

Auntie Weasel's Field Notebook

Auntie Weasel is a true connoisseur of the Weasel Way:

Weasel! It's a pleasure to say. A sly joy in the mouth. Weeeeeeeeezl. It's like needle and sneeze and weepy and feeble and sleazy. It's Thomas Neill Cream; flea-bitten and febrile and measels. It's eeeeevil. It teases. If you'd never heard of such a thing, you'd know right away that a weasel was something wicked and sneaky and delightful. … Weasels are mystical entities composed of energy in an almost pure state. This appalling dynamism must be vented somehow or a stoat's fragile physical envelope will go boom.

Auntie Weasel's Field Notebook

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April 12, 2005

Kiwi Weasel

Kjell spent weeks and weeks on a tramp steamer, finally arriving in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Kjell in front of Christchurch Cathedral, held by strange man with bandaged leg (ferret bite?). The annual floral festival is on.

Taking a more leisurely look around Cathedral Square with the other tourists, the next day. The Christchurch Cathedral, the Anglican church pictured above, stands in the very center of the city. Christchurch's founders succeeded in making their new city feel very much like the English towns they modeled it on, laying it out with spacious parks and tree-lined streams throughout, and building the Cathedral, a boy's school (modelled on English colleges such as Eton and Westminster), and a university (now moved out to Ilam, with the Arts Centre occupying the original buildings) all in the center of the city. The city itself is even named after an Oxford college.

By the big chalice sculpture, installed around the turn of the millennium to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the founding of Christchurch. Although Christchurch retains it's gentle English feeling, today it shows also more modern cultural influences and a more expressive arts scene.

On the tram (literally!). The electric tram service in Christchurch was started in 1905 and lasted until 1954. A few tram cars were preserved by a local historical society, and in 1995 the trams were brought back to the city centre as a tourist attraction.

Playing giant chess in the square. The chess set is left out in the day whenever the weather is fine enough to play and tourists and locals alike enjoy playing. (Man did we get some funny looks taking this photo.)

Watching kitesurfers off the beach near New Brighton (another place named after home by the English settlers).

Eating the rapidly diminishing pile of brandy snaps at a BBQ (quite possibly the best part of Kiwi summers).

Next stop for Kjell should be Canberra, Australia.

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April 8, 2005

Iceland's the green one!

Utforksa's first stop on her travels is Reykjavík, Iceland, where she visits Bjarni Einarsson, a friend of Weasel Keeper Daniel from way back in the day. Here she examines the Hallgrimskirkja.

A quaint church next to the Parliament.

Utforksa looks towards Akrafjall...

... and stares at the sea some more.

Utforksa considers visiting to the Sober-house.

The main drinking street is more like it, thinks the weasel.

Utforksa is glad she didn't end up in jail. Yes, that's a jail.

Utforksa ponders how similar the jail and Parliament are.

Utforksa kisses Bjarni's girlfriend.

Utforksa and Anna Magda, waiting for food... "Your name is Magda? My sister-weasel's name is Magda!". Utforksa feels right at home in a place where people are named "Magda".

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including some that aren't for the little ones

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